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This spring hasn’t been too busy with car care clinics.  If you want one to be held at an Active Green and Ross near you send me an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it of which location so I can let the shop owner know there is interest.  There is a clinic coming up on June 9 at the Active Green and Ross near McMaster University, 6:30-9:00. 



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Lexus still offered a cassette player in their vehicles up until 2010 and the Crown Victoria had it optional until 2011.

This month's topic: Tips on making your service provider like you:-)

Automotive service providers are no different than anyone else, there are some people they like dealing with and others they dread when they see them coming through the door. Which one of those people are you?

Below are 8 tips to keep you in the “like” category at your local Active Green and Ross:-)

  1. Clean out your vehicle: Some people tend to keep their vehicle full of their empty coffee cups or clothes from the gym. This just makes it more difficult for the technician to work on your vehicle if they need to get into the trunk or into the interior space. Everything takes longer. Plus as a driver it’s much nicer to drive an uncluttered vehicle.
  2. Don’t diagnose the problem, instead tell them the symptoms. We’re not technicians so why would we tell a technician or service advisor how to fix the problem? The service advisor much prefers when you give them the symptoms of when the problem is happening and the noises it is making.
  3. Don’t watch the technicians through the window. It’s natural to want to see what is going on, but nobody likes being watched over their shoulder in anything they do. Not to say you can’t check things out once in awhile.
  4. Don’t automatically distrust what you are being told. Yes there are some bad apples in the industry but there are in any industry. Most repair shops owners are honourable people and really do want to see your vehicle repaired properly.
  5. If you get good service share the positive experience. Word of mouth is the biggest compliment a repair shop can get. If you’ve had a good experience tell your friends. Maybe they are looking for somewhere new to have their vehicle serviced.
  6. Understand it’s a business. No one wants to work for free. Technicians and shop owners all have bills to pay as well.
  7. Don’t get mad if they adjust your seat. Really what’s the big deal anyway. I’m sure a 6.0 foot tall technician isn’t going to want to or be able to squish behind the wheel of my vehicle since I’m only 5.1 feet tall.
  8. Take care of your vehicle. A well maintained vehicle is easier for the technician to work on. If you only take your vehicle in when it’s broke your repairs will be much more expensive and potentially more difficult to diagnose.

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