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I thought it fitting to write about winter tires this newsletter since that is exactly what I am doing as I write.  I’m having my winter tires installed!  Talk about peace of mind when you are driving, especially with the number of kilometers I drive.  Now is the time to start thinking about installing your winter tires if you have them or inquire into buying winter tires.  I highly suggest you do it before the snow flies if you want to get good service.  The other reason is that you don’t want to find out the size of tire you need isn’t available as it has been sold out.  Tire manufactures have to predict a year in advance how many tires of each size they are going to produce and sometimes they don’t predict correctly.  So don’t be caught out and don’t forget to roll the clocks back one hour this Sunday.  An extra hour of sleep, yippee!





If you install winter tires you may get a discount from your insurance provider.  So make sure you give them a call.

This month's topic: Winter Tires

Winter tires are something a lot of people either don’t understand or want to purchase since they don’t see the value. If you’ve never had winter tires, then you have no idea what you are missing! It’s that big of a difference. I equate putting winter tires on your vehicle like putting Kodiak boots on your feet in the wintertime versus flip-flops. Once it gets colder than +7 degrees Celsius your All season tire’s ability to grip the road is significantly diminished. The rubber on the tire gets hard and therefore makes you feel less confidant when you are driving. The value of a winter tire is how soft the rubber is. The softness of the rubber is what allows the tire to grip the road when it’s cold. A winter tire also has a lot of sypes. These are cuts in the tire that allow the tread block to flex and grip the road as well.

When it comes to winter tires, it’s four or nothing. I often hear of people asking to just get two winter tires and they want to install them on their drive wheels. Many years ago this used to be a common practise as many of our vehicles were rear wheel drive. Now with many of our vehicles being front wheel drive this would be a recipe for disaster. It would be like having your Kodiak boots on the front and your flip-flops on the rear. You’re driving down the road and all of a sudden a dog runs out in front of you; you swerve and the front tires are able to grip the road, but the rear tires are not able to and around you go!

Be proactive when getting your winter tires either installed or purchased. As I mentioned above, don’t wait for the first snowfall. You won’t get good service and you might have an accident before you had time to get your tires installed. The general guideline is, Halloween to Easter and guess what Halloween is this weekend. Active Green and Ross has a great tool on their website to help you determine what tires you need and what they will cost. I suggest checking it out. When I was on the site, I also noticed that both Yokohama and Michelin are offering rebates until December 15 so don’t delay!

When you are looking at your options for tires the one thing to keep in mind is that the more expensive the tire the softer the rubber is and therefore will have better grip. As you go down in price you also lose softness. Look at your budget and look at your driving habits as well. If you are commuting a long distance everyday than it would be in your best interest to get the most expensive set of winter tires you can afford.

Tires are a bit of a grudge purchase but they are the only things you have in contact with the road and they could save your life. You won’t be disappointed if you buy winter tires.


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