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Next weekend is the long weekend.  This is both good and bad.  We get an extra day off but the Labour Day weekend signifies the end of summer and back to school for many people.  I’ll be back giving women’s car care clinics so be sure to check out my Facebook page to see if there are any booked in your area. This month’s topic is about diagnosing problems in your vehicle.  I decided to write about this not to scare you but to enlighten you to the challenges technicians are facing with all of the new technology coming out in today’s vehicles. In the meantime, have a fun and safe long weekend!





On September 1st distracted driving laws are increasing to between $300-$1000 plus three demerit points.  Drivers will also be required to wait for pedestrians to completely cross the road at school crossing and pedestrian activated light crossings.

This month's topic: Diagnosing problems in your vehicle


Today’s vehicles have become so complicated and the technicians need to take a lot of extra training to be up on all of the new technology coming out. I’ve recently been at a lot of repair shops training technicians on some new technology and I’ve had the opportunity to walk around and also see what the technicians are doing on cars. What amazes me is how much time goes into diagnosing the problem before it can be fixed. Vehicles used to be so much simpler. Now…they’re complicated. We can still do the regular maintenance items like oil changes, air filters, windshield wipers etc. but when it comes to other problems in your vehicle it may take a technician longer to figure out what the problem is. I now understand why many places are starting to charge for diagnosis because sometimes it can take an hour or more to figure out the problem.

The check engine light seems to be the biggest challenge. To us, all we see is the check engine light is on again, but really it is coming on for different problems in the vehicle. The technicians need to use a scan tool to determine where the problem is coming from. At that point they need to delve further. The scan tool is providing a starting point of where to start diagnosing further. Oh the joys of working on our technologically advanced vehicles. We like all the new things like “lane assist” or “back up assist”, but they bring their own problems when things start to go wrong…


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