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Since this month’s topic is what to do when you break down, I thought I would share one of my life experiences with you.  My mom’s side of the family is from Quebec and back in the late 80’s my mom and I decided to drive to Chicoutimi to visit my aunts and uncles.  This drive is about 9 hours and we made it there fine.  On the way home we were just outside of Trenton and my mom’s 1987 IROC started running bad.  We somehow were able to limp the car to gas station on the highway.  This was also pre cell phone time so we had to use a pay phone to try and call my dad as we didn’t have any roadside assistance.  However, my dad was sitting outside waiting for us to get home since we had given him our anticipated time of arrival.  A couple of hours later we finally got a hold of him and he had to load up a trailer and drive 2 hours to Trenton to rescue us.  I don’t remember how we loaded the car, but we did eventually make it home.  This trip left an impact on my memory:) Enjoy your long weekend this weekend!





The first Monday of August is a civic holiday in most provinces except Quebec.  In Toronto, it is known as Simcoe day but in other cities it is known by other names.

This month's topic: What to do when you break down on a road trip

You may be headed to a wedding three hours away or maybe you’re driving up to Algonquin park to do some camping. Either way, you’re not close to home and all of a sudden you find our vehicle is either running very poorly or won’t run at all. Now you are on the shoulder of the road, what do you do? Although you feel like crying, crying won’t do you any good. So take a few minutes and gather yourself.

Roadside assistance is your best friend and is worth the investment. Especially when you are broke down. If your vehicle is new enough you may have roadside assistance included with it. This will take you to the nearest dealer. If it is out of manufacturers roadside assistance then it is worthwhile to invest in CAA or something like that. There are different levels you can purchase. I personally buy the CAA Gold as it gives up to 200km towing/4 times/year.
If you end up breaking down in Ontario and you get your vehicle towed to a nearby Active Green and Ross, they can see the history of your vehicle when they swipe your drivers license. For a list of the 75+ locations, click here.

If you are waiting for a tow truck and are on a busy road such as the 401, it is a good idea to stay inside your vehicle. This is the safest spot. I often see people waiting outside their vehicle and cringe. This is how people get killed, because many drivers suffer from object fixation and they drive towards the person standing on the shoulder of the road without realizing it.
If you are a female and you are by yourself, sit in the passenger seat while you are waiting for help. This way passing motorists will think that someone else is with you.

Be prepared with some supplies. Bottled water, sunscreen and an emergency roadside kit are among the few items I would make sure to have in my vehicle. If it is winter time,
blankets, boots, collapsible shovel etc.

There is nothing worse than being broke down on the side of the road. So be sure to be proactive when taking care of your vehicle. Don’t wait till it’s broke to fix it since this may end ruining your vacation or whatever else you had planned.


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