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Fortunately or unfortunately our Canada Day statutory holiday falls in the middle of the week.  Many people have used this to take an extra long weekend.  If you are going away you may notice an increased police presence on the roads so be careful when you are driving. I recently read an article and it said that speed related deaths are higher than texting and drinking related deaths.  I personally like to use cruise control when I drive.  This also helps with your fuel economy.  Safe travels if you are travelling this Canada Day holiday, be responsible and enjoy some holiday fireworks!





Canada Day was originally called Dominion Day and it was changed to Canada Day in 1982.  Canada is 148 years old!

This month's topic: Road Trip Preparedness

I’ve written about this before but it always good to get a reminder of things we already know we should be doing but may be a little lax on.

The worst thing that could happen is to break down while you are on your way to your destination. You have the car loaded to the hilt, the kids are getting tired and you blow a tire or worse yet have something bigger happen to your vehicle. All because you weren’t proactive in taking your vehicle in to be checked out. About 2 weeks before your planned trip you should be going to your local Active Green and Ross and have a “health check”. This will give you peace of mind that you did what you could do to be prepared. If you need to find a location go to

Below are some additional things to think about when getting ready for your road trip.

  • Planning your route is another great idea. Some people use traditional paper maps, which I like, but I also use an app called “wave” that will tell you how long to your destination in real time. If it finds a quicker route, it will redirect you.
  • Let your neighbours know you will be away so they can keep an eye on your place for strange activity. I never post my trip on Facebook until I return for safety reasons. You just never know!
  • Make sure you have a well-stocked first aid kit.
  • Check the spare tire to make sure it has air in it and that you have the items you need just in case you need to change a tire. I.e. Jack, tire wrench
  • Fully charged cell phone and charger.
  • Emergency food. I.e. bottled water, trailmix, and snack bars. Items that won’t go bad if you forget them inside for a while.
  • A few light tools can always be handy as well. I.e. Wrench, screwdriver, bungy strap
  • A last of all, practise safe driving habits. Observe the speed limit, unnecessary lane changes and aggressive driving.

If you want some games or additional items to think about when getting ready for your road trip I’ve attached the link to Be Car Care Aware summer road trip guide.


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