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Halloween is just around the corner, have you thought about your winter tires? I’m sure some of you have and others are thinking, what? Soon… you will want to get thinking about this. Remember when it gets consistently colder than +7 degrees Celsius your all season tire significantly loses it’s ability to grip the road. If you don’t have winter tires and want to try and win some I invite you to take the Winter Tire test that Michelin is offering. Follow the link and answer 5 questions. You’ll have to scroll down a little. I’ve also attached some great coupons for you to use. There are two for winter tires and one for having your oil changed. You can save $15.00 on a synthetic oil change and $10.00 of a regular oil change. It’s a mail in rebate just to let you know and it expires Dec.31. The tire promotions end December 15. So don’t delay.

Happy Halloween and if you are taking kids out trick or treating, be safe!





5% of Canadian drivers have the dangerous habit of leaving their winter tires on all year long.

This month's topic: Winter Tires

If you’ve never had winter tires, you have absolutely no idea what you are missing! You’ll never keep All Season tires on your vehicle in the winter again once you try winter tires. All Season tires are really only good for three seasons in Canada: spring, summer and fall. Winter tires are not called snow tires anymore; because it isn’t just about snow. It’s about gripping the road at cold temperatures. (As I mentioned above, +7 degrees Celsius.) The general guideline for winter tires is Halloween to Easter. Did you know, in Quebec it is law to install four winter tires. The number of crashes in the winter has significantly diminished because of this law.

When you go into Active Green and Ross to discuss winter tires, I think it is important to discuss your type of driving and your budget. Like anything there are options of Good, Better and Best. I do a lot of driving so I bought the most expensive set of tires I could afford and I also purchased a separate set of rims so that I could keep the tires permanently mounted. It is more money up front, but it usually takes about 2 years to work off the cost. If you have only one set of rims but two sets of tires, you will pay extra labour every time as well as rebalancing every time. Plus the tires will be happier because the bead of the tire doesn’t like to be stretched. Eventually they won’t seal as well and you will lose air slowly. If you happen to hit a curb in the winter, a cheap steel wheel will be less costly to replace than an expensive alloy wheel.

If you are looking to buy winter tires I suggest either calling your Active Green and Ross store or you can try the tire selector link they have on their website. I tried it myself and it works really well. You are also given options of different tires. The winter tires will be the first tires you see. I am attaching a link here so you can check it out.
At Active Green and Ross your changeovers are no-charge, which is great, and they will also store you tires if you don’t have anywhere to keep them. However, this will come with a fee. I also suggest you make an appointment to get your winter tires installed. Don’t wait for the first snowstorm to try and get them on. You’ll have to take a number because that’s what everyone else will be doing and you won’t be happy with your service. Be a proactive customer, it always pays to be this way and you’ll be happier because of it.


This months photo: Make sure your winter tires have this symbol on the sidewall of the tire.  Otherwise they are not winter tires!



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