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As I write this newsletter we are having some amazing weather, but it is about to cool down.  We are starting to buy warmer clothes and even thinking about a winter jacket and winter boots.  Don’t forget that we need to think about getting our vehicle ready for winter as well.  In the meantime, I sure hope that the Thanksgiving long weekend is a great day weekend.  I’ll be having 30 people over and not everyone can fit into my house! Yikes.  If you are one of the many people travelling to a relatives for some turkey be sure to make sure your vehicle is in good running order.  You wouldn’t want to miss the festivities because you broke down on your way.  This also goes for those of you who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but choose to go for a drive to enjoy the fall colours.





The invention of the radiator is attributed to Karl Benz.  Wilhelm Maybach designed the first honeycomb radiator for the Mercedes 35hp.

This month's topic: Some items that should be checked during a fall service

Fall is here and soon the snow will be flying, but before we start worrying about getting our winter tires on, there are a few other items on our vehicles that we should get checked out.

  1. Battery: Fall is when you should have your battery checked.  It could be weak during the summer but it is when it gets cold out that your battery will let you down.  Fortunately, every time you take your vehicle into Active Green and Ross for an oil change they always check your battery.  Ask them what state your battery is in when they check it.
  2. Coolant: Engine coolant has three jobs.  Keep the engine from overheating; keep the engine from freezing and lubricate the water pump.  As the coolant deteriorates the freezing point changes.  In Ontario, many shops use -35 degrees Celsius as the criteria of when to change it.  Some shops also use the time period of 5 years to have your coolant changed.  A shop will usually call this a coolant flush, where the old stuff gets replaced with new coolant. 
  3. Wipers: Wipers are supposed to be changed twice a year.  Fall and spring.  The heat of the summer has dried out the rubber and therefore doesn’t clear your windshield as well.  If we can’t see where we’re going then that’s a bit of a problem.
  4. Lights: Are all your lights in good working order?  Many of us don’t even know when we have a light burned out until someone tells us.  With the days getting shorter everyday, we will soon be at a point when we are driving to and from work with our headlights on.  You want to see and be seen when you are driving.


This months photo: Flow of engine coolant. It cools the engine parts and also keeps things from freezing.  If we had water in the engine and it froze the engine block would crack!



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