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Since gas prices seem to be hitting a record high I thought it fitting to discuss fuel saving tips. Be sure to read below my tips. My personal vehicle is a bit of a gas-guzzler. (Lexus RX300) I also happen to drive a lot of kilometers in a year, so this makes for a lot of stops at the gas station. If you do a lot of driving and are in the market to replace your vehicle you may consider looking at a diesel engine. The fuel right now is cheaper and it goes a long way. I happen to have a Jetta TDI to drive up to Muskoka one day and it cost me $30.00 to go 500 km. In my Lexus that same trip would have cost my $85.00. This sure makes me want to look at getting a different vehicle. If you aren’t in the market or budget doesn’t allow replacing your vehicle then keep reading:)

Happy Canada Day everyone! Be safe on the roads if you are going out.






A poorly maintained vehicle can reduce fuel economy by as much as 40%!

This month's topic: Fuel economy tips

Follow your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule
This is where going to your local Active Green and Ross will become important. If you don’t know the maintenance schedule, ask the service advisor to look it up for you. Make sure you are also using the correct grade of gas and grade of oil for your vehicle.

Check your tire pressure
Most of us are pretty lazy when it comes to this. Remember that an under inflated tire creates more rolling resistance and thus makes you burn more gas. Tire pressure should be checked monthly.

Remove extra weight
A heavier vehicle uses more gas. Is your trunk still carrying all kinds of items that could be stored in your garage that you don’t even need?

Don’t drive aggressively!
Always try to be smooth and steady. Every 8 kilometres/hour over the speed limit of 100 equals a 7% decrease in fuel economy. So, by going 125km/hour on the highway translates into a 24% reduction in fuel economy. That’s a lot!

Be smart about air conditioning.
Above 60 km/hour use the AC and below 60 km/hr have your windows down. Over 60 with open windows creates more drag and reduces fuel economy and below 60, AC burns more gas.

Don’t idle
We shouldn’t be doing this anyway but many of us still do. When you are idling you aren’t going anywhere and you’re burning gas.

Combine your errands
This would be more important in the winter since a cold engine is less fuel efficient but still a good habit to have.

Use the highest gear possible.
If you have a vehicle with an automatic transmission limit your use of “sport mode” if you have it. This mode holds the transmission in a lower gear to keep the engine “perkier”. In a vehicle with a standard transmission, keep the vehicle in a higher gear to help with fuel economy.

Keep your vehicle clean!
A clean vehicle makes your vehicle more aerodynamic and thus slides through the air better and helps with fuel economy. How clean is your car?

Take care of your car and it will take care of you!


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