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Well, we are at least ½ through winter! Whoohoo! We’re on track to have the coldest winter in 25 years. Make sure you are dressing properly for the weather. How has your vehicle been making out? I know my SUV wasn’t happy on the really cold days. Make sure you are keeping your vehicle in good condition and lots of gas in the tank. Recently, I heard at least 400 people were stranded on the roads in Dufferin County. That could’ve been you and without enough gas in the tank you might not be able to keep yourself warm.

I wanted to let you know that I am starting to book my spring Ladies Car Care Clinics. If you would like one in your area please let me know so that I can get in touch with the local Active Green and Ross to potentially host a clinic. As I book clinics that will be posted at
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January is named after the Janus, the god of the doorway.  The name has its beginning in Roman mythology and January is considered the door to the year.  Traditionally, the original Roman calendar consisted of 10 months, totally 304 days, winter was considered a month less period..


This month's topic: Pot Holes, steering and suspension

Although it is still winter, we are soon going to be dealing with potholes as the weather warms up. Potholes are created by a combination of things: weak pavement, freezing/thawing of water and vehicles driving over the pavement. Once the pavement starts breaking up, the elements and vehicles start to carry away the loose material and this is how the pot hole gets bigger and bigger. As a driver, avoiding potholes is the best strategy, so make sure you are looking down the road to anticipate upcoming potholes this spring. (Just so you know, potholes occur around the world, even in tropical environments)

Over time, potholes can be very hard on our vehicles. If you hit them hard enough you can damage both your steering components and front suspension; you can bend a rim or you could potentially lose control of your vehicle. If you’ve hit a pothole really hard, pay attention to how your vehicle is driving immediately afterwards. Is it starting to pull to one side or the other? Are you hearing any noises? This is important to diagnosing if any serious damage has been done. Over time, pot holes can put your wheels out of alignment. When you take your vehicle in for service at your local Active Green and Ross, the technicians will look for signs of uneven tire wear. This is an indication that the front end components have been damaged and are likely out of alignment.

Some of the parts you may hear a service advisor talk to you about if there is front end damage. There are more parts than I’ve listed hear, but these are the common ones.

  • Tie rod- part of your steering
  • Ball joint- is usually connected to the control arm and assists with steering.
  • Strut- absorbs bumps
  • Shock- absorbs bumps

If you do find yourself in a situation where you’ve blown a tire, bent a rim or suffered other serious damage from a pot hole some cities allow you to make a claim for damages. As of this newsletter, over 4000 potholes have already been filled in the City of Toronto. I’ve included a link to an interesting store I found on Google from Global News Toronto.

My best advice regarding potholes is to try and avoid them as much as possible!

This month’s photo: Pothole - Don’t let this be you!



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