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Most of us have experienced at least a bit of winter driving recently and judging by the weather forecast as I’m writing this, we will all be experiencing winter very soon.  I know I’ve written about winter tires before, but they are such an important safety aspect of our vehicle, I feel the need to write about them again.  Partially, I’ve decided to write about winter tires  because I saw two vehicles today on the highway with winter tires on the front and all season tires on the back.  There are still so many people who don’t know why this is a bad thing and how dangerous it can be.






People living in Quebec must have winter tires on their vehicle from December 15 to March 15.  Fines for not having winter tires range from $200-$300.


This month's topic: Winter tires

Do you have your winter tires on yet?   Halloween to Easter is the general guideline to get your winter tires installed.  Don’t wait for the first snowstorm to make an appointment and don’t forget, if you bought your tires and wheels at Active Green and Ross your changeovers are no charge!  Just make sure you make the appointment :)  Winter tires are (in my opinion) a must in Canada. Winter tires aren’t just for snow, it’s also for temperature.  When it gets colder than +7 degrees Celcius your all season tires ability to grip the road is severely diminished. I’ve included a photo at the bottom which shows a comparison of braking between winter tires and all season tires on various types of vehicles.  

A winter tire is made of much softer rubber and this is what helps it grip the road so well in the winter.  As a result of being so soft, they will also wear out quicker, so be sure to take them off when it starts to get warm in the spring.  The other important aspect of winter tires is that it is four tires or nothing.  Just buying two winter tires can put you in an unsafe position.  Think about your winter tires like a set of Kodiac boots and your All Season tire like a pair of running shoes.  If you get into an emergency situation the front tires will be great because they are able to grip the road.  The rear tires, which would be the All Seasons have very little grip and could contribute to you losing control of your vehicle.  In fact, many shops will only sell you four tires.  When you do go to buy your winter tires here are some things you want to discuss with the service advisor.  How much you drive and your budget?  Like anything, there are good, better and best tires.  So you want to make the most informed decision on what to get for your vehicle.  If you are looking for a premium winter tire, Michelin X-Ice fits the bill nicely.  Michelin also has a rebate program going on right now, so be sure to ask about it.  Actually, pretty much every tire manufacturer has some sort of rebate going on at the moment.  If you want to price out tires on your own you can do so at

You will typically go through two sets of tires throughout the life of your vehicle, so why not make one set a winter set.

This month’s photo: Winter Tires



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