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This month’s topic is going to be batteries.  I thought this would be fitting since I had my own battery woes recently.:-)  I had to drive to the other side of the city for a clinic and rather than deal with traffic, I decided to go early and I would read a book in a parking lot for a bit.  What I didn’t realize when I parked was that my headlights were still on.  So after about 45 minutes of reading my book, I went to start my vehicle and guess what……..all I heard was click, click!  Ahhh is the next thing that went through my head.  So I had to call the shop and ask them to send someone to give me a boost.  (The shop thought it was quite funny.)  The next thing I did was get my battery checked since it is getting to the time of year where it will let us down if it is weak.  I’m also including instructions of how to boost a battery so that you can print them off and put them in your glove box.  On another note, have a Happy Halloween and be safe!






Batteries used to be housed in wood.


This month's topic: Batteries

If you call Active Green and Ross and are put on hold, you will hear an On Hold marketing message that states the average life of a battery is just over three years.  When was the last time you had yours tested?  If you go to Active Green and Ross for service, then your battery is being tested every time you take it in.  This is part of their complimentary service. I’ve included a photo of what the battery tester looks like.  It also gives a print out that is attached to your file. If your battery is weak then you want to have it changed in the fall before the really cold weather hits.  The last thing you want is for your vehicle not to start on a cold winter morning.  A lot of battery damage happens in the summer due to the heat under the hood of your vehicle. (Some of you have your battery in the trunk, so heat is likely not as much of an issue.)

If you lift your hood and see lots of green corrosion around your battery terminal you will want to get this cleaned up.  Corrosion around the battery terminals can cause your vehicle not to start because of electrical resistance. The corrosion is caused by an imperfect seal between the plastic battery case and lead battery post allowing sulfuric acid to react with the lead battery posts.

How to boost a battery:  
(Make sure you if have booster cables in your vehicle)

These should be done in the following order.

  • Red cable to dead battery (+)
  • Red cable to good battery (+)
  • Black cable to good battery (-)
  • Ground out black cable on something metal on the dead car.
  • Start your car!
  • Take off cables in reverse order.

Note:  It may take a minute or two to get your vehicle to start.

Take care of your car and it will take care of you!

This month’s photo: Electronic Battery Tester



battery tester




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