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I sure hope you’ve been enjoying some of the great weather we’ve been having this summer.  Although for many of us, this weather is significantly different than last summer.  In some parts of the country we are seeing record rainfall and others record heat!  Wherever you are, maybe it’s time to plan a road trip and find a new great area to explore.  I personally won’t be going on a road trip until this fall when I head to Alberta for some car care clinics, but I will be taking a plane on a vacation this summer. (I’m going to Bermuda and I’m really excited!)  The most important thing about a road trip is the planning and preparation that happens before the trip.  Breaking down and missing part of the trip is the last thing you want to have happen and on top of the extra expenses incurred, it makes everyone miserable!  So make sure you read below to see the helpful tips!  I’ve also included The Be Car Care Aware Family Road trip Guide that you can download for the trip itself.




The first cars did not have steering wheels.  The driver had to steer with a lever.

This month's topic: Summer Road trip preparedness

Road trips or travelling vacations can be a lot of fun but sometimes they can end up being a nightmare due to car troubles.   Don’t be one of those people having a “nightmare “ of a road trip.  There are a few things you can do to make sure you are prepared.

  1. Check your tire pressures!  Tire pressure is so important and yet often ignored.  If you are going to be loading up your family, make sure you add about 10% more air than what the sticker inside your vehicle calls for.  This will help deal with the extra weight.  Underinflated tires are your biggest reason for blowouts on the highway due to the excess heat that is generated.
  2. Inspect your tire wear.  Tires that are low in tread have a greater probability of hydroplaning if you end up driving in a thunderstorm.  If they are really low, think about new tires before you head out.  You’re going to have to replace them when you get back so why not do it before you go and keep yourself safer.
  3. Are you due for an oil change?  If so, take your vehicle into your local Active Green and Ross and have it done before you go. They will also perform a complimentary 30-point inspection to make sure everything else is good to go. To find your nearest store.
  4. Know where you are going.  Sounds kind of funny but make sure you have maps or have your GPS with your addresses of your destinations.  Getting lost isn’t very much fun.  I can assure you of that :) It’ll help keep peace in the vehicle.
  5. Invest in roadside assistance.  Your car is never going to put its hand up and say I think I am going to break down today.  It just happens.  So just in case the inevitable happens, make sure you have a back up plan.  Newer vehicles have roadside assistance but if you aren’t sure if yours is still active, a quick call always works.  If it isn’t active anymore consider programs like CAA or Canadian Tire.  If you get the premium package they will tow you up to 250kms.

Last but not least, download the Be Car Care Aware Family Road Trip Guide!  This book not only has vehicle tips, but it also includes games for kids, First aid kit contents and other great information.  Here is the link and have a great road trip!

Take care of your car and it will take care of you!


Cars in the 1890’s. How far we’ve come!

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Family Road Trip Guide

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