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Spring car care clinics have begun.  Be sure to check out the website, ( to see if any clinics are taking place near where you live and come on out with some friends!

This month’s topic is “Spring into Spring with your Vehicle” and I was thinking about what I plan on doing to get my vehicle into spring shape.  The first thing I plan on doing is cleaning the inside of my vehicle.  I don’t know about you but my vehicle is full of dirt etc. from the winter and I want to get rid of all the remnants of winter and feel good when I drive it.  The second thing I am going to do is get an oil change; change my wiper blades is the third thing I’m going to do and the last thing I am going to do is wash it!  I can hardly wait to give my vehicle some TLC (tender loving care).  How about you, what are you going to do to get your vehicle into “spring” shape?  oh ya.....I almost forgot the most important thing.  I'm going to have my winter tires taken off:-)




A general guideline for changing your winter tires is Halloween to Easter.  So start thinking about taking those winter tires off!

This month's topic: Spring into Spring with your vehicle

Many of us are starting to think about changing our winter jacket for a spring jacket or even doing a full wardrobe changeover?  Maybe you are thinking of spring cleaning the house or opening the pool if you are super eager (just kidding, it’s a bit early for the pool).   Have you thought about what you need to do to your vehicle, to get it prepared for spring?  Here’s my list of things you need to do.

1.    Winter Tire changeover/ tire pressure check

If you have winter tires on, then you might want to start thinking of making an       appointment to get them taken off.  (Remember +7 degrees Celsius is the magic temperature.)  If you bought your tires and rims at Active Green and Ross, the changeovers are No-Charge.   So book your appointment!  If you don’t have winter tires on your vehicle then you should be doing a tire pressure check.  When was the last time you checked your tire pressures? (On average tires, lose 1 psi/month.)  Btw- many Active Green and Ross stores will store your winter tires for a small fee and it'll save you a lot of hassle.

2.  Change your wiper blades.

Wiper blades are supposed to be changed twice a year.  The cold weather will make the rubber brittle so that they won’t clear your windshield as well.  

3.  Get an oil change

I personally am due for an oil change so the timing is perfect for me.  I can do my oil and my wipers at the same time.  It’s important that you don’t go over the mileage of when an oil change is required.  The job of the oil filter is to filter out “crap” that gets in the engine and if you take too long to have an oil change performed the filter could become clogged and cause you lots of headaches.

4.  Clean the interior of your vehicle.

You can either make a production out of this or you can do a light clean, but either way, taking a bit of time to vacuum, wipe the dash and clean the windows will make you feel better.  (You may not notice it but the inside of your windshield is probably starting to get a black film on it. Or, if you’re life me you have dog marks all over the side windows)

5.  Get a car wash!

You can either hand wash your vehicle in the driveway or go to a car wash.  Either way, you want to get the salt off your vehicle.  If you are feeling really energetic you could even wax your vehicle the old fashioned way, by hand!

Now your vehicle is ready for spring!  One last thing you might want to do is check to see if your air conditioning is working.  You don’t want to find out when it starts to get warm that your air conditioning isn’t working do you?

Take care of your car and it will take care of you!

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