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The National Women’s Show in Toronto is fast approaching and will be held at the Toronto Convention Centre October 19-21.  If you want to see the times, I’ve attached a link.  If you check out the attached coupon it is for $5.00 off admittance.  Make sure you read it to see how it works.  I will also be there in the Active Green and Ross/Ask Patty booth.  Come by and say hello.  If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift, I will have my Kelly Gear Emergency Roadside Kits with me as well, at a special show price!  There will also be pink wiper blades for sale which are also a great deal!.  So don’t miss out.



That a dirty air filter no longer reduces your gas mileage like many people (including myself) thought.  This is because modern engines have computers that precisely monitor the air/fuel ratio.  If less air is making it through the air filter, then less gas is being given.  However, you will notice that your vehicle will become very sluggish if the air filter is clogged.  (Remember, your air filter should be changed once a year at least.)

This month's topic: Vehicle Myths

There are all kinds of myths out there surrounding vehicles, so I thought this month I would take the time to de-bunk some of these myths.

Myth #1: Recommended tire pressure is listed on the sidewall of the tire

The number on the sidewall is the maximum PSI for the tire. When tire manufacturers produce the tire, they don’t always know what vehicle it will be going on.  This is why it is a maximum PSI.  If you do go to the maximum PSI,  your vehicle will drive very rough and you will prematurely wear out the middle of the tire.

Myth #2: Your engine should be warmed up before driving

People especially think this in the winter when it’s cold out.  In actuality,  your engine really only needs to idle for about 30 seconds.  However, once you start driving, don’t drive it like it is already warmed up.  Driving your car slowly will actually warm up quicker than sitting in your driveway for 10 minutes.  Plus idling burns more gas!

Myth #3: The windshield is for comfort not safety

A lot of people don’t realize that the windshield is part of the supplemental restraint system (SRS) of your vehicle along with the airbag and the seatbelt.  The windshield also plays a major structural role in your vehicle.  When it is compromised with a crack, it’s safety effectiveness is impaired.  (FYI: a cracked windshield at your sightline won’t pass a safety inspection).

Myth 4: Vehicles are so computerized, I should leave everything to the professionals

Yes vehicles are highly computerized.  In fact, there are more computers in our cars than it took to take the first space shuttle into orbit.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t check our oil (at least on most vehicles) or check our tire pressures.  I saw a lady at one of my car care clinics recently with a fairly new Dodge Avenger RT and the oil wasn’t even touching the dipstick.  How close was she to losing her engine…..pretty close!  So be proactive with your vehicle.  They need some tender loving care. (TLC)

Myth 5: I can only have my vehicle serviced at the dealer to maintain my warranty

This is a very big myth that a lot of people still believe. You can take your vehicle anywhere you want to be serviced as long as you are following the maintenance schedule outlined in your owners manual.   You may also want to keep records of it as well.  Now, it you have to have work done on your vehicle that is covered under warranty, then yes you do need to return to the dealer.

If you want the full list of myths please download the Myth Slaying Guide at:

Take care of your car and it will take care of you!

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Vehicle Myths


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